togog: Subproject P7

Neuropsychology of Aspects of Form

Researchers: Hedda Lausberg, Katharina Hogrefe, and Georg Goldenberg



To gain more insight into the question of where in the brain different types of hand gestures are generated.

In this study, we analyze narrations of patients suffering from brain damage with respect to different types of hand gestures. Data consist of videos of 20 patients suffering from left hemisphere damage, 20 patients suffering from right hemisphere damage, as well as 20 healthy controls. As the patients display special characteristics in their nonverbal behavior due to acquired disorders like apraxia or hemiparesis, the Neuropsychological Gesture Coding System (NEUROGES) will be applied for data analysis as NEUROGES specifically suits the examination of neurological patients. Interrater agreement on 25 % of the data has been established so far.