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Audimax, Logenstrasse 2, Room 121

European University Viadrina
Department of Social and Cultural Sciences
VW-Project “Towards a Grammar of Gesture”
Grosse Scharrnstrasse 59
15230 Frankfurt (Oder)

Subproject P5b







Firdaous Fatfouta-Hanka:

Firdaous Fatfouta-Hanka, study of Linguistics, Contemporary German Literature and Arabic Philology at the Free University Berlin. Magister Artium 2006; master thesis: Form and function of the Arabic and German ring gesture. Since january 2007 PhD scholarship within the framework of the interdisciplinary research project „Towards a Grammar of Gesture: Evolution, Brain, and Linguistic Structures“ at the Faculty of Cultural Sciences at the European University Viadrina (Frankfurt/Oder) in support of the sub-project Simultaneous structures in gestures in human and nonhuman primates. Dissertation project: setting up a repertoire of recurrent gestures in everyday Tunisian communication.

Further research interests: cultural comparison of gesture use, co-speech gestures in the Arabic region, recurrent gestures, gestures in nonhuman primates




12.10.2007, Workshop “Speech and Body in Interaction: Ethnographic Case Studies” Freie Universität Berlin, Berlin: Cross- and intra-cultural variation in gesture and speech (Cornelia Müller, Firdaous Fatfouta and Sedinha Teßendorf)

19.02.2007, Post Milestone 1 – Internal Workshop of the VW-Project „Towards a Grammar of Gesture“,European University Viadrina, Frankfurt (Oder): Die Ringgeste: eine empirische Untersuchung im arabischsprachigen Raum.


Fatfouta-Hanka, Firdaous (in prep.): Forms of the Tunisian Ring Gesture. In: Bressem, Jana & Silva Ladewig (eds.) “Recurrence in coverbal gesture – investigating form and function”. Planned for submission in book series Gesture Studies. .

Dissertation project:

Fatfouta-Hanka, Firdaous (in prep.): Rekurrente Gesten in der tunesischen Alltagskommunikation. (preliminary title)