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Audimax, Logenstrasse 2, Room 120

European University Viadrina
Department of Social and Cultural Sciences
VW-Project “Towards a Grammar of Gesture”
Grosse Scharrnstr. 59
15230 Frankfurt (Oder)


Subprojects P1, P4


Sedinha Teßendorf:

Sedinha Teßendorf, born in Berlin. Master of Arts 2005 in Hispanic Philology, General Linguistics, and Contemporary German Literature at the Free University Berlin and the Universidad Complutense in Madrid. MA thesis: “Pragmatic functions of Spanish Gestures: The case of the gesto de barrer.” Thesis presentations at the BGC and the European University Viadrina. Research interests: cultural comparison of gesture use, language and cultural borders, conventionalization, semiotics of gestures and linguistic pragmatics. Since October 2006 research assistant within the VW-Project: “Towards a Grammar of Gesture“ at the European University Viadrina at Frankfurt/Oder.



25-27th Sept. 2008, GCLA, Leipzig, Germany: Theme Session “Motivation in gesture: Image and motor schemas and their metaphorical extensions“ (organized by Irene Mittelberg, Cornelia Müller)

4th-7th Aug. 2008, UK-CLA, Brighton, England: Interactive metonymy - co-constructing meaning and reference. (with Silva Ladewig)

29-31st May 2008, RaAm, Cáceres, Spain: Workshop “Conceptual metaphor and metonymy as motivating principles in gestural communication: Evidence from English, Spanish, and German“ (organized by Irene Mittelberg, Cornelia Müller)

24th March 2008, Meeting of the Stony Brook „Gesture Focus Group“, Stony Brook, USA: Cross and intra cultural variation in gesture

12.10.2007, Workshop “Speech and Body in Interaction: Ethnographic Case Studies”. Freie Universität Berlin, Berlin: Cross- and intra-cultural variation in gesture and speech. (Cornelia Müller, Firdaous Fatfouta & Sedinha Teßendorf)

10.07.2007, IPRA, Göteborg, Sweden: Pragmatic functions of gestures: The case of the ‘brushing aside gesture’ in Spanish Conversation

18.06.2007, ISGS, Evanston, USA: Metonymy, metaphor, and pragmatic functions: A case study of a recurrent gesture

12.05.2007, AFLICO, Lille, France: From everyday action to gestural performance: metonymic motivations of a pragmatic gesture

09.12.2005, Berlin Gesture Center: Pragmatic functions of gestures: the Spanish "Sweeping-Away" gesture



Tessendorf, Sedinha (2008) Konferenzbericht zu „Speech and Body in Interaction: Ethnographic Case Studies“. In: Zeitschrift für Semiotik 30/1-2.

Tessendorf, Sedinha (in prep.) Pragmatic and metaphoric gestures– combining functional with cognitive approaches. In: Bressem, Jana & Silva Ladewig (eds.) Hand made patterns. Recurrent forms and functions in gestures. (Planned for submission in Semiotica.)

Tessendorf, Sedinha (in prep.) From everyday action to gestural performance: metonymic motivations of a pragmatic gesture. In: Mittelberg, Irene & Cornelia Müller (eds.) Metonymy in Gesture and Sign. Special Issue, CogniTextes.

Ladewig, Silva H. & Teßendorf, Sedinha (in prep.) Collaborative metonymy - Co-constructing meaning and reference.

Müller, Cornelia, Ellen Fricke, Silva H. Ladewig, Irene Mittelberg, Sedinha Teßendorf (in prep.) Gestural Modes of Representation revisited.