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Audimax, Logenstrasse 2, Room 120

European University Viadrina
Department of Social and Cultural Sciences
VW-Project “Towards a Grammar of Gesture”
Grosse Scharrnstrasse 59
D-15230 Frankfurt (Oder)

Subprojects P6a, P6b






Susanne Tag:

Susanne Tag, study of General and German Linguistics, Psychology, and Sociology at the Free University of Berlin (FU); key aspects: pragmatics, psycholinguistics, gesture research as well as developmental psychology and qualitative social research. 2001 – 2006 member of the FU Gesture Project (a student’s research project on the linguistic description and analysis of co-speech gestures directed by Prof. Dr. Cornelia Müller). 2006 Master of Arts in General and German Linguistics; master’s thesis on “Forms and functions of gesture complexes”. October 2006 – April 2009 PhD scholarship within the framework of the interdisciplinary research project “Towards a Grammar of Gesture: Evolution, Brain, and Linguistic Structures” at the Department of Social and Cultural Sciences at the European University Viadrina (Frankfurt/Oder), since April 2009 affiliate member of the project. Since September 2009 research assistant in the project “Multimodal Metaphor and Expressive Movement. A Model of Dynamic Orientation of Affect in Spoken Discourse, TV-reports, fictional TV-films and Movies” at the Cluster of Excellence “Languages of Emotion”, Free University of  Berlin (headed by Prof. Dr. Hermann Kappelhoff and Prof. Dr. Cornelia Müller).

Dissertation topic on combinations of co-speech gestures.

Further research interests: co-speech gestures and signed language, gesture and cognitive linguistics, gesture and discourse structure, gestural communication in great apes.





09.10.2009, MGA-Workshop (Methods of Gesture Analysis), Aachen, Germany: Metaphor-Foregrounding-Analysis (MFA) – A systematics of metaphor foregrounding activities and a method for their reconstruction (with Cornelia Müller)

26.09.2009, GESPIN, Poznan, Poland: Towards a Grammar of Gesture – Opening Talk (with Cornelia Müller), Organization of the Special Session Towards a grammar of gesture (with Jana Bressem, Silva Ladewig, and Cornelia Müller)

22.11.2008, Forschungskolloquium Multimodalität, Frankfurt (Oder), Germany: Aktivierung von Bedeutung in Sprache und Gesten am Beispiel einer multimodalen Metapher

10.10.2008, DGS, Stuttgart, Germany: Activation of meaning in speech and gesture – A bodily sensation becomes metaphoric

07.08.2008, UK-CLA, Brighton, UK: Dynamics of Metaphoricity in Spoken Discourse (with Cornelia Müller)

29.02.2008, DGfS, Bamberg, Germany: Workshop “Gestures: A Comparison of Signed and Spoken Languages”: Simultaneity in Co-speech Gestures

17.07.2007, ICLC, Krakow, Poland: Why gesture? On the role of focal attention in speech, gesture and gesture complexes (with Cornelia Müller)

18.06.2007, ISGS, Evanston, USA: How coverbal gestures may combine: Forms and functions of gesture complexes

18.02.2007, Post Milestone 1 – Internal Workshop of the VW-Project “Towards a Grammar of Gesture”, Frankfurt (Oder), Germany: Gestenkomplexe – Lineare und simultane Verknüpfungen redebegleitender Gesten




Tag, Susanne (in prep.) Simultaneous constructions in co-speech gestures. In: Bressem, Jana & Silva Ladewig (eds.) Handmade patterns: recurrence in co-verbal gestures (planned for submission to Semiotica).

Tag, Susanne (in prep.) Retractions, holds and rest positions – outlines of an anatomic gesture phase coding (planned for submission to GESTURE).

Müller, Cornelia & Tag, Susanne (in prep.) Combining gestures: complex patterns of coverbal gestures.

Müller, Cornelia & Tag, Susanne (subm.) Attention, Foregrounding, and Embodied Activation. Multimodal Metaphors in Spoken Discourse. Cognitive Semiotics, 6.