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togog: Staff



Project “Towards a Grammar of Gesture”

Prof. Dr. Cornelia Müller (Head of project)
Dr. Ulrike Wrobel (Project Coordinator)
Mary Copple (Affiliate Member)
Dr. Irene Mittelberg (Affiliate Member)


Linguistics / Semiotics Subprojects

PD Dr. habil. Ellen Fricke (Project Leader)
Jana Bressem (Research Assistant)
Silva Ladewig (Research Assistant)
Sedinha Teßendorf (Research Assistant)
Susanne Tag (PhD Scholarship Student)
Julius Hassemer (Graduate Assistant)
Benjamin Marienfeld (Graduate Assistant)
Andreas Roehr (Graduate Assistant)


Neurology Subprojects

Prof. Dr. med. Hedda Lausberg (Project Leader)
Ingo Helmich (Research Assistant)
Katharina Hogrefe (Research Assistant)
Dr. Robert Rein (Research Assistant)
Marlen Griessing (Graduate Assistant)
Dr. Henning Holle (Research Assistant)
Philipp Kazzer (Graduate Assistant, 2006)


Primatology Subprojects

Prof. Dr. Katja Liebal (Project Leader)
Christel Schneider (Research Assistant)
Firdaous Fatfouta-Hanka (PhD Scholarship Student)
Sebastian Tempelmann (PhD Scholarship Student)
Nicole Stein (Graduate Assistant)